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octombrie 25, 2010, Author: Ciprian, 2 Comments

The Russian, The Romanian, The Project | From Italy to America | Rising by Basty Bikes

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The Russian

The motorcycle: DNEPR MT 11 old russian commie bike from way back with a 650 cc boxer engine

(still in debate whether the russians stole the design for the boxer engine from the german’s BMW)

The Romanian

Sebastian Codreanu aka Basty

…the 24 year old owner of Basty Bikes, a small custom chop shop in Brasov, Romania, but with great dreams and from what it seems, these dreams are already begining to come alive…


The Project


As I’ve said before,  the original bike was a Dnepr MT 11 with a 650 cc boxer engine. Almost everything on this project was custom made by Basty. The frame, the springer fork, the valve covers for the engine, the fenders, all of these parts were handcrafted by him in his own vision

After countless hours spent bending, welding and as you will see, detailing…

…the vision rose: Rising


… from Romania to Italy

(an otherwise wellknown route for romanians, not exactly the same one for Basty)

Some details:

Location: Padua, Italy

Event: 16th Padua Bike Expo Show

Competition: over 100 custom bikes from Sweden, England, Germany, Austria, Spain, The Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

Rising held it’s own in this runoff

and won 3rd place.

I would say that this was pretty good for his first time out, why not say it, I’d say it was damn great and not only for a first timer.

Padua Bike Show officials:

“this guy from Romania competed with an original bobber made on the basis og a Dnepr MT 11; with this astonishing ingenious project he won the 3rd flight to Daytona. The victory was a big surprise for him, but this is the wonderfull side of the custom world, were everyone may realise his dream.”

And then…

… from Italy to the U.S. of A.

So, as said above the 3rd place came with a bonus, a flight to Daytona, to compete in the Italian Showdown that was held during

the 38th Rat’s Hole Custom Bike Show Daytona Beach California.

…ooops! wrong video…still the same 2010 Rats Hole Bike Show from Daytona…I’d say it’s worth the trip…

This was 2010 for Basty, Basty Bikes and Rising.

For more info on current projects, custom parts and such log on to www.bastybikes.com

and by all means,

feel free to vote for him  in the

Discovery Channel Romania “Descopera eroul din tine (Discover the hero within)” Competiton

… definitely NOT

The end…

just the begining…






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2 Responses to The Russian, The Romanian, The Project | From Italy to America | Rising by Basty Bikes

  1. Ciprian says:

    corect! cum ziceam intr-un articol anterior, imaginatia personala e singura limita in proiectele custom de orice natura

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