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As you might know, the guys at Custom Chrome got so big that they organize, not one custom championship but an entire series, called how else then Custom Chrome Championship Series. Having not entry fee, each championship in this series offers a great opportunity for every builder, professional or not, to have their work exposed … Continue reading

Today’s chopperlink takes us to South Dakota, U.S.A. where we’ll try to get a closer view on what’s going on in a small chop shop set up in the small town of Jefferson, SD. In this custom bike shop, named simply The Chop Shop, we found the owner and builder Harley VanKirk. We managed to … Continue reading

Daca la prima vedere am avut ceva emotii, zic, taci ca am gasit pe unii de prin zona cand am vazut “eastern”, s-a dovedit ca era vorba despre alt est, cel al Americii, ceva mai sus de New York si anume in Branford CT. …aici locuieste domnul Lock Baker, de fapt de ce sa mint, … Continue reading

Cum am promis in articolul despre nicolluci, foarte pasionatul de custom din Satu Mare, am revenit cu cateva detalii despre Shadow-ul modificat in atelierul nicolluci… …La Sombra Blanca… fara sa o lungesc prea mult o sa va spun ca la vremea ei, motorul era o Sombra de 600 cc, violet metalizat si apartinea unei motocicliste … Continue reading