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Today’s interview takes us to Sweden




Over here we’re gonna visit the the guys over @ SE Service, a 100% custom shop, as the title and their slogan says …

beyond bolt on

I believe we’ve all seen those “custom shops” that really just don’t do anything else but bolt on some parts taken from some of the many parts catalogs that supply you with everything you need and there you have it! The custom machine! A bike that will be different from all the others only if they add some unique paintjob, otherwise is just another “kit bike”. I sincerely don’t know why these guys even bother?!

It’s exactly like having a single song sung by all the bands in the world and only some of the lyrics would be different. Imagine that! It would be some fucked up shit wouldn’t you say?

Well, Sweden’s SE Service it’s a band that makes it’s own music, and it sound pretty damn good!

The guy behind SE Service designs is Stellan Egeland and he was kind enough to have us for a chat and to share a few words with us.

As you got used to by now, a short free speech interview on what should be known when talking about Stellan Egeland, what drives him when building his bikes and what is he looking for in his designs.

So lets read a few words about Stellan’s twisted view on custom designs, and afterwards we’ll take a look at his creations, trust me, it will definitely worth your while.

“I love all kinds of bikes but preferably bikes from the 1920′s-1930′s.

Even if I like the looks of a regular chopper or bobber and even riding bikes like that, I prefer to build bikes that are different from what other people build. When I build a bike I want it to turn out into something that nobody has ever seen before.

I am also a huge fan of technique, either old or new. Old cars have also a big place in my heart. My daily drivers are a Mercury coupe from 1950 and a Ford Roadster 1929 Hotrod with a flathead V8.”

Oh, and to have a 360 degrees look on Stellan hobbies he told us that he also enjoys racing sidecar speedways along with a friend and, in the spear time he’s restoring old wooden boats from the 30′s.

I’d say that he’s a pretty lucky guy in my opinion.

But let us not forget why we’re here!

This being said, as promised, we’ll now take a look at some of Stellan’s work, so relax, grab a beer and enjoy these radical designs because SE Service isn’t afraid to bring custom bike building experience to a whole new other level.


Esox Lucius was SE Services first bike with the intention of  beeing a showbike.The project started as a build up of a daily driver but then things got a little bit out of hand.Nowadays it is used for short distance trips to the shop etc.
Awards :
Second place at European championship of custombike building -06.

Third place at World championship of custombike building -06.

Winner Old custom Elmia -06

Winner Best engine Elmia -06

Second place at Custom bike Hotrod & rock show -07

Winner Custom Mcdagarna -07

Winner Guldbagen Mcdagarna -07

Winner Us custom/chopper Strängnäs bike show -07


The Harrier is the first bike in our new line of modern customs. As with all of our ground up customs we have put focus on visual technique and a exciting riding experience.
The purpose of the airscoops on the fueltank is to supply the space between the muffler and the seat with cooling air and to give support to the legs while attacking corners.
The Isr steeringhub is controlled with push/pull cables from the steeringhead so that all geometries of the front end can be quickly adjusted without altering the geometry of the steering.
The bike is equipped with Isr:s Radial brakepumps and dual radially mounted six piston monblock calipers in front and one four piston monoblock caliper in the back. The brakes have ABS that can be easily disconnected if desired.
This is not a showbike a streetfighter or a sports bike.

Its The Harrier!


Hulster 8 valve is the result of 8 months hard overtime work.The bottomend of the engine is knucklehead and the entire topend is homemade.The cylinders are cast in bronze and the heads in aluminum.The cylinderheads are of the semiradial type where no less than three exhaust rockers are needed to operate the valves that points 45 degrees away from eachother, the intake valves are inline.Engine and transmission mount are incorporated in the oiltank that goes all the way under the the engine.The front end has adjustable spring tension and rebound springs.Moldings and paintjob by Ray Hill.
Winner Classic custom Custom bike show -07

Winner of the jurys choice Scandinavian championship Custom bike show -07

Winner of Peoples choice Custom bike show -07

First place in World Championship of Custom Bike Building -07


for more info on SE Service click on the pic below

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