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Welcome to Romania!

1 December 1918

Today is the national day of Romania.

so Happy birthday Romania and happy birthday to all who feel romanian, wherever you are.

some of us chose to try their luck over here and some of us went overseas searching for happiness, nevertheless I believe we shouldn’t lose the feeling of who we are …

we may have our problems….

….fuckups, idiots, assholes, retards, hateful, corrupt politicians and public officials, fucked up infrastructure, small wages, weak currency, specimens that make us look bad among other nations, cheaters, liars, misfits, small minded, poor and the list could go on and on…

but we didn’t invented all this shit! we are not representative for all that’s bad and fucked up and I believe you shouldn’t judge a nation by it’s leaders or by it’s worst examples!

So, whether you are a foreigner who doesn’t know much about Romania, a romanian who is ashamed of being romanian or a romanian who is proud of his nationality, you should take a look at the next few random photos of …

my Romania….

the reasons why I am proud to be romanian

(please bear in mind that this is only a thin slice of what Romania really is)

our old Dacia


our 4×4 ARO



our motorcycle Mobra


just a few of our romanian custom made motorcycles


our motorcycle related community

bikers/rallies/tattoo conventions/rock

(again just a small sample)


our ladies


still not convinced yet?

take a look at these next photos, have a taste of some random Romania

remember, this was just a glimpse….

of the reasons why….

it may seam soapy or you might say I have a much too optimistic view on things, but stop for a minute and think, all you’ve seen in the pics above it’s real and it’s right on your door step, you just have to open your eyes!

the way you are perceived is mostly influenced by the way you feel about yourself, so be strong, be proud and never let your head down!

happy birthday Romania!

happy birthday romanians, wherever you are!

be proud of your heritage!


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2 Responses to ROMANIA

  1. cria says:


    I feel more Romanian now ;) Nothing new for me, just that I probably don’t think every day at “why I feel Romanian?”

    bravo! :)

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