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februarie 22, 2013, Author: Ciprian, 1 Comment

Mike Dilley’s Peep Show theme chop

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peep show custom bike

peep show custom bike

peep show custom bike

Right to the point. We asked Mike to tell us a few things about him and his beloved theme bike, so what better way to do it than to let the man speak his mind:

This is my 2005 Custom Theme Bike “Peep Show” story

I have been riding motorcycle for a very long time, I had the type of father that started me out at like age 6 or 7 on a 50cc and almost every year would only let me go up to the next cc model in line, needless to say it took me quite a while to make it to 400cc Honda Automatic bike which as I recall I got for my first year of high school back in 1984 and by the time I had graduated in 1987 I had managed to make it up to a Ninja 600 before I headed for Collage. As I was about to start a new family and had just entered into the USAF in 1999, I had bought a brand new Suzuki GSXR 750RR while I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall UK, I think back now and I can really say I am glad my father had done what he had because having the GSXRR under me made me feel invincible and as such me and a few AF friends often went to Snetterton Race track to race our bikes on a professional circuit, which by this time were pretty heavily modified and capable of speeds up to almost 180mph. I moved to Anderson AFB, Guam, USA many years later after the Desert Shield and Desert Storm campaigns were finished and a short stint at the wolf pack, Kunsan AB Korea. Finally being in Guam, I was in a place where I could go back to a normal life with my family and hobbies and yes I still had the GSXR 750RR motorcycle, however Guam’s roads at that time back in 1997 were still made with coral which after a rain became like Ice and I knew having that type of bike might be bad for my health in those conditions as at that time the USAF had made me their motorcycle safety officer and I had seen quite a few accidents due to this situation, so I sold it off and went without a bike for quite a few years. During this time I got older and wiser and yea a little slower in my pace of life and started looking for a bike that I could cruise on instead of trying to race by everyone. I had gotten out of the USAF and opened a computer company which had done well but one of my clients had asked me to join them in a telecom venture. At that time the computer industry was dropping in price like crazy due to a new PC processor coming out like every month, I decided to jump at the offer. This kept me way to busy at the time to even think of trying to build or purchase a custom cruiser, but a few years down the road and a new position as Executive director of operations for a local cellular company, as well as a move to another smaller Island and a new wife, the opportunity finally arrived.  Like many others I had seen like every episode of American chopper tv series and drooled at most of their work, I knew then that what I wanted more than any other, was a custom theme chopper like no other. After months of scouring various web sites and sending out emails to the likes of OCC and PJD among many others I had came across several bikes that were very nice and distinct but then out of the blue pop’s up this bike located in Round Rock Texas at Dream Machines of Austin called PEEP SHOW and I knew right then, I had to have that bike and only that bike! She was perfect, matching my personality and she had equipment on her I had never seen before all combining to make a bike with exquisite lines and craftsmanship I didn’t see in any other bike I had looked at. She was exactly what I had wanted.

The specs of her are:

• Professionally built by Ronald L. Westra out of Round Rock Texas.

• War Eagle wrath Frame custom made to order from the manufacture with the down tubes extended and the front boxed in, with a beautifully sleek swing arm.  Her measurements are: Duel radius down tubes with an arched backbone, 44deg neck (2” over traditional to get her longer), 7” forward stretch (2” over traditional to get her longer), and 2” down tube to keep her low.

• War eagle wrath Gas tank – with matt hotch gas cap kit

• TP Engineering 114 pro series show chrome engine with 3” BDL primary drive & Revtec 6 speed transmission and a final chain drive providing a powerful combination of speed and durability.

• Goldammer front forks again for their sleek lines, clean look and rarity.

• Handle bars were custom made out of solid stock to keep the vibration down by Ron westra.

• Grandeur’s Top Fuel Super Auto Clutch

• Oil tank is a custom ball type that Ron had made and modified to put in front of the lower bike frame to cool the oil.

• Vance and Hines short shots exhaust with Stripper pole naked girl aluminum sculpture.

• Rims are Weld racing “Blades” front and back Rear is 250mm 40/18 with Venom tires.

• Front brake is a state of the art, 360 which looks and work beautifully, showcasing more of the rims beauty.

• The Speedometer is a Zumo 450 which was the only Garmin motorcycle GPS unit even to date which was military specked for all weather. The zumo 450 has speed, odometer, GPS, gas level, and food finder along with an MP3 player for those long cruises.

• Rear Brake is sprocket / Brake Combo which also showcase’s more of the rims beauty.

• Security keyless system, which was a combination of internals and switches from thekil.com and then all that was placed into a custom made housing by one of their group members named Punisher.

• Hand controls are PM Contour & Foot controls are Outlaw all chrome.

• Rear Fender was made by over lapping two fenders together with rear running led lights in between them and then welded to the war eagle frame.

• Seat was made with 12 gauge steel and then covered with inch and a quarter gel and wrapped in leather hide skin with Peep Show art work engraved into the seat. The seat shocks were even specially made out of aluminum and have a spring tension of between 100 – 140lbs

• Paint  was done by Enrique Arellano (Gotflake.com) and pin stripping was done by Rat Daddy both out of Texas. The Pin stripping was done by hand and the art work of the woman was done by a method of silk screening.

• The bikes Chrome sculptures were mostly 18 wheeler grab handles and or shifter knobs which were then bought and molded into the bikes theme as well as all of the trucker girl emblems and the Cadillac buckle located on the gas tank.

• Bikes theme: Peep show, which incorporates various Peep Show style portraits, emblems, and naked woman aluminum sculptures. A peep show is a place to go and see Nude women dancing by inserting a coin or token in the slot and waiting for the window to open for a set time, This token is located on top of the gas tank filler cap. The second part of the theme is the Cadillac buckle and other artful Cadillac placements which were done to give the bike a more USA made luxury class appearance in order to compliment the bikes other technological features and elegance.

peep show custom bike

peep show custom bike

peep show custom bike

The original Peep Show, took about four years and $45,000 to create, another $6,500 was spent on her 2010 remodeling. There were a few problems from the beginning which caused Peep Show to be built over the years instead of with in a year, starting with the ordering of the frame from War Eagle, which was ordered back in August of 2003 and supposed to arrive by December of the same year, well Ron got a call from Miami Dade customs out of Florida in March of 2004 in which they had a large crate and no paperwork which had been sitting at their shop for the last three months. Ron finally got the frame in and it was not exactly what he had ordered so he cut the down tubes and made various other modifications as per his original specs to War eagle which had not been done. The engine originally was going to be a Revtach 100ci but after Ron had several problems with an identical engine in his other chopper called Voodoo Blue due to its two shades of blue and was made by Voodoo customs out of Texas and the other reason Peep Show took so long to make. Ron watched venom customs make his Voodoo ride and took to heart all he saw and learned in order to apply only the good aspects of that build with Peep Show, he decided to go with the best engine at that time which was made by TP engineering which had a hi flow oil pump with the engine and other state of the art technological advances which were not readily available at the time from other manufactures. Originally Ron had made the handle bars out of hallow stock, but after all the vibration during the test riding of Peep Show, he remade them with solid stock. Ron finally finished the original version of Peep Show in April of 2009, which was just in time for The 2009 R.O.T. Rally custom bike show, Peep Show won 1st place “Best in show” after that year and prior to the bottom falling out of the custom bike business, Ron was receiving offers of $56,000.00 for Peep Show but he vowed to never sell her, The following year Ron was on his way to the 2010 R.O.T. Rally when a Truck ran a light and the bike was hit, Ron was ok, a little scratched up for the experience but peep show needed a new makeover and as such the front fender, Oil tank, front controls, hand controls, handle bars, Air cleaner, exhaust and his pride had to be re done.  Well Ron never got to make it to the 2011 R.O.T. even though Peep Show had been re completed in time for the second time in April of 2011, Ron had run into some unforeseen family problems and had to break his promise to himself and sell his pride, joy and years of sweat and determination. I had been bugging my wife for months to let me buy the bike and finally and without my knowledge, my wife picked up the phone and ordered the bike for me, just five hours after she delivered our new baby son and on the same day to mark the most joyish day of our new son’s birth and the addition of peep show into our family. I can only thank Ron from the bottom of my heart for making such a beautiful piece of art work and performance; he truly made my dreams come true as did my beautiful wife. Peep Show now resides on a small Island called Saipan, CNMI which from history is where the Enola gay took off from (Tinian) on her nuclear bombing run to Japan which basically ended WWII, The CNMI consists of a chain of small islands of which only three are inhabited, Saipan, Tinian, & Rota the smallest of the three, with Guam being of Rota’s southern coast line. The CNMI is a USA Protectorate. Peep Show now rides with the only CNMI Harley group, called the Matua Riding Group and the Chinese, Russian, and Japanese tourist who frequent the Island tend to crowed around her no matter where she goes on the island. This is the story of Peep Show, her builder and the lucky son of gun (Me) her new owner, and it’s all thanks to a great TV show called American chopper, of which laid the ideologies, dreams and ground works for her to be conceived and built. Thank you


Michael E. Dilley

Saipan, CNMI”

Ride safe Mike and enjoy your custom bike!

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  1. Mike Dilley says:

    http://peepshow.hpage.com for those interested in seeing more of Peep Show and the tropical Island of Saipan. Thank you so much mychopper.ro….your the best!!!

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