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noiembrie 1, 2011, Author: Ciprian, 1 Comment

Metal removal services

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… in not so many words, if we’re talkin’ about custom bikes we most definitely should talk about cafe racers too.

so, you could take for example a stock Honda CB 550 …


… and turn it into a whole lot of custom works …



a chopper… 






… a bobber 





… a cafe racer

and everything in between ….


… or you could do what the guys @ Fuller Hot Rods did, turned it into a cafe …

… and than took it to Laguna Beach, California …

tanning? well yeah, why not since you’re there…

but not only, the word was out that this is the place they’ll find a particular tattoo artist ….

a tattoo artist for bikes!

I’d say its only fair. Why should you be the only one that’s got’em? why not get your bike tattooed?

….well, enough babbling!

without any further ado, I give you (drumroll) :::::

Tay Herrera


… or for short TARRERA





your bike’s tattoo artist




the guy that turned the Fuller bike from this






by doing this

into this

craftsmanship? I believe so!

and in order to get an idea of what this man is capable of, let’s take a look at what he calls

metal removal services






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One Response to Metal removal services

  1. mas says:

    te lasa fara speach ce poate face omul acela, fenomenal de frumos lucrate.

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