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Lisbon Motorcycles | Paul’s journey

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Don’t know if I mentioned before, in some other posts, my home, Suceava county, the only part of the historical region of Bukovina, left within the romanian borders.

The biggest city in Bucovina is Suceava, my home town. So if you’re ever in Romania and you have the chance to visit this part of the country don’t miss it! It will worth your while; I’m talking a feast for the eyes, great food, a lot of places to spend the night, good roads (well at least better then in the rest of Romania), beautiful girls and warm hearted bikers who will be more then willing to show you around.

I suppose you’re wondering by now what the fuck am I talking about since the title’s saying Lisbon and I’m blabbering on and on about Bucovina and Suceava, considering that the only similarity between those two is the fact that from Suceava to Lisbon is the same distance as from Lisbon to Suceava, about 3800 km (roughly 2400 miles).

Well, let me explain myself. Suceava happens to be also the hometown of Paul Sologiuc, the man from todays story. A story of struggle and hardships but, with a happy end (didn’t want to ruin your holidays spirit).

About 12-13 years ago (or even more), Paul, in his teens then, left his hometown looking for happiness, fulfillment and a job that would put food on his table. In those times, about 10 years passed from the fall of communism in Romania, a good job was pretty hard to find over here, I guess maybe as hard as it is now, but now we have the global economic crisis to blame … I suppose.

Anyway, as you know I don’t like to keep you reading too much, don’t want to be blamed if you go blind or something. This is why I decided not to tell you the day by day story about how and what Paul did since he left Suceava more then ten years ago. Good idea, isn’t it?

Just a short one. Telegraphic style. When Paul arrived in Portugal he had to start from nothing, no money, no place to stay just the hope for a better life. He managed to get a job and along with some other guys rented place to stay. Started earning some cash, and began sending money back home to support his family. But it wasn’t enough to make a decent living, not for himself and not for his family in Suceava. Time passed and things didn’t look like they were improving. One day, Paul was in for a big surprise. He got a call from his fiance back then, Adelina, telling him that she arrived in Lisbon! A much needed breath of fresh air, moral support and maybe a push towards another fresh start. Both of them decided that it was time to get their own place. She managed to find a job and Paul, after a few months of search, got a better paid one working in a custom bike workshop. This was to change it all. Paul was enjoying what he was doing and began realeasing that this is what he was good at. Time passed and one day, at a friends party, after a short talk with his portuguese friend Bruno Almeida (the guy that supplied me with the details for this article) who at that time was working at a HD dealership in Lisbon, decided that they should start working for themselves. It was time to open the shop -- thus, Lisbon Motorcycles. Yet another fresh start for Paul. But this time he had the feeling this might be it! Had some cash set aside, quit his job, the first six months all by himself working in the shop, step by step, day after day,business was growing. Bruno quit his dealership job and joined Paul at Lisbon Motorcycles. Fixing bikes, modifying others and building ground up customs.

might not be a “rags to reaches” story, but I would say it’s not that far either, might not be a glamorous story or a unique one, but I’m sure that it is one that proves that hard work really pays off in the end.

Moral of the story? better summed up by this quote:

People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are.  I don’t believe in circumstances.  The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.



the shop

some of the bikes


many thanks to Bruno, the guy that had the idea of surprising Paul by sharing his story

We’ll be expecting more custom works from you gentlemen!!

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