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aprilie 4, 2011, Author: Ciprian, 2 Comments

Joe King Speedshop | Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

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Confucius said that you have to study the past if you would define the future, or something like that; but this doesn’t mean that we have to live in the past, I still recommend that life should be lived in the present, carpe diem, but at the same time not forgetting the past, learning from our predecessors’ mistakes and bringing back to life all the great things that make us feel good, made them feel great and will considerably improve your soul and why not, your style!

I believe that this should be the case when talking about vintage or old school.

Whether we’re talking about sissy bars, ape hangers, pin up, hot rods or old school bikes, it’s all about the soul and the feeling of what represented freedom and non-conformism in those days.

Now if you mix all of the above with the passion for motorcycles,

the overall idea of hand made

the personal flavor given by a small, yet great, family enterprise,

you will begin to understand what Joe King Speed Shop is all about.

Vintage Motorcyle Helmets

Now I’m not going to get in the never ending debate about safety and DOT, or the fact that these helmets cannot be compared with no manufacturer’s bubble head helmet series, if you want that you’ll find plenty of forums;

for the moment I’ll just give you some pointers on what comes out of Paulo de Tarso Amaral’s family owned shop.

And the list could go on and on and on and on…you’l find more on joe king’s blog or website.

No that you’ve got the main idea, I’m gonna tell you that Paulo was so kind as to give mychopper.ro a short interview from his Sao Paulo shop

(this last picture was taken by CICERO DE GUZMAN JR. from Godspeed 45/06 book, vol.3we’ll talk about this one and other like it in an upcoming article and interview)

At the end, as promised, I’m gonna leave you with a few words from Paulo Amaral about his work, his shop and what got him started.

Look to the future but don’t forget the past.

In his own words, Paulo:

“I’ve always had the passion for bikes and helmets. The first helmet I painted was in 1993.
As a small family owned custom shop based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, focusing on customer needs in a niche market, Joe King Speed Shop has brought the timeless art of age old craftsmanship back to the marketplace of the motorcycle helmet.
As an appreciator of vintage motorcycle aesthetic, I was frustrated with the level of quality and style of currently offered 3/4 helmets. After trashing several helmets, from new ones to a collection of authentic 60s originals I made the decision to begin producing my own, by hand.”

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2 Responses to Joe King Speedshop | Vintage Motorcycle Helmets

  1. live2r1de says:

    How long does it take to receive the helmet? I’ve literally been waiting a year and I keep getting emails from paulo saying he’s going to send it any day now.. I feel like this is a scam.

    • Ciprian says:

      Hi! Sorry to hear about that. Unfortunatelly this is just a feature article about Paulo’s work, so between mychopper.ro and Joe King Speedshop there’s no other connection. I’d be concerned too if I was in your situation, but let’s be optimistic about it, maybe he has more orders than he can complete in reasonable time…

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