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aprilie 28, 2011, Author: Ciprian, Leave a comment

Hard 9 Choppers | Danny’s Switzerland on two wheels

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Hard 9 Choppers

…didn’t get to find out why Hard 9…well maybe that’s because I didn’t ask when talking to Danny, the owner and founder of H9C, about his bikes.

Made in Switzerland.


Very open minded  and very communicative when talking about his work, Danny agreed to share a little something obout his projects with the readers of mychopper.ro.

As he told us, Hard 9 Choppers was established 6 years ago in Bern, Switzerland. Step by step the passion for choppers grew into a world recognized business, and if any proof was furthermore needed for the craftsmanship over at H9C, they were, in the past 2 years, the first European bike builders to be invited at the Yokohama Mooneyes Show, and the list can carry on…the headliner at Verona Show in Italy, 3rd place at the 2010 AMD World Championship in Sturgis in the Modified Harley Class…a well deserved invitation to the Artistry in Iron Show „Master Builders Championship” in Vegas and so on and so forth…

These are up till now a few of the recommendations for Danny’s work, i said up till now, because under the cover, waiting for the big unvailing is the latest project…a 1940 Triumph S5.

Looking forward to catching a glimpse of this latest chop!

Enough blabbering from my part…I’m just gonna pass it along to Danny for a few words about what drives him when bulding his bikes:

My effort of bike building is that i can ride them!!! thats the most important for me! plus we try at h9 choppers to do all work inhouse! gas tanks, fenders, oiltanks, foot controlls, handle bars are all handmade! plus I pretty much work on old bikes and I dont care if its a harley or triumph or bsa!

I believe you can agree with me that this about sums it up and that Danny’s true passion for building bikes and riding the hell outta them can be seen from all the exclamation signs!

it’s all about building your dream and riding it! I can’t imagine something greater!


and chopping…

and riding…

and then chopping some more…

….what can I say…life’s hard on some people…hard 9…

At the end, as usual, I’m gonna share with you a few pics of some H9C masterpieces, some trailers from Hard Nine the Movie and last but not least share with you a special request from Danny:

Say hello to the romanian custom chopper addicts!!! ;) cheerz, Danny

well ladies and gents, you can answer Danny here, by posting your comments or on mychopper.ro’s facebook page.


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