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You have a chopper or a cruiser and you want to spice it up a bit?

You’re done changing your mirrors, your headlight, your tail light or your exhaust and call it custom?

You want a total make over for your bike?

Or you have a project in mind and you’re looking for something that puts the cherry on top of your cake?

Look no further.

Your answer is SPOKE WHEELS.

Big deal you’ll say. You already have stock spoke wheels on yours.

Well you’ll have to keep in mind that what I am talking about aren’t  just spoke wheels.

These are Fat Spoke Wheels.

Great look for a big monster like custom or a great way to completly change your ride if you pair them with the right tires.

I think that after seeing these samples you can agree with me that these are something else. These wheels are worth the effort.

Know, we all know that a good set of wheels can drastically change the look of your bike. And I think we agree that this kind of rims would be a good aftermarket choice over the classic spoked wheels or the billet aluminium machined ones.

You have decided? Wanna get them?  There’s a problem.

There are very few manufacturers for this particular kind of wheels and we all know that less competition means higher price range.

On one side we have DNA. They make the Mammoth wheels just like in the video below

On the other side we have Ride Wright Wheels and their Fat Daddy rims.

Here’s a presentation video:

So, as I was saying, you have decided that you must have them on your bike and now you’ll have to choose. Let’s compare then.

The quality

Even though I haven’t tested either one of these wheels I will tell you what I know. DNA makes their wheels in China and Ride Wright wheels makes them in U.S.A. You make the choice.

The offer/customer choice

DNA has a certain range of dimensions for their wheels that go no wider then 5.5″ for a 16″ rim, and if you have a custom project that requires a specific wheel size you just have to do with what they have on The list. No other sizes and no custom offset.

Ride Wright Wheels have their own list (this one is an example courtesy of their dealer J&P Cycles). However, if you can’t find what you are looking for you can always contact Sam Wakim thru the contact form on their website and he will hook you up with the rims you need with the specific offset. And this is because they make them right there and not all the way to China. Furthermore if you still can’t decide on the color scheme you need they help you out with their virtual color catalogue that lets you see how the colors you’ve chosen look on the wheel, at the Design your own wheels section.

The price

From DNA we have a price range from 450$ to 1000$ on a wheel but you can find great deals on some ebay stores also, like outlaw cycles where you can buy a set of Mammoth wheels for no more then 750$.

So, if you’re lucky enough to find the size you want with DNA and if you’re ok with the fact that they made in China you won’t have to dig that deep in your pocket to make your dream come alive.

On the other hand, Ride Wright Wheels put value on their work and they take their prices up a notch. However the pack includes lifetime guaranty on the spokes and a wide wheel size range and a custom hub offset depending on what you need. So if you want them tailored to your needs you’ll have to go with RWW and put some extra cash aside for your wheels.

The name

What’ll it be? A Mammoth or a Fat daddy?

As far as the name goes I think that Ride Wright Wheels got it a bit wrong. I personally would much rather ride a “mammoth” than a “fat daddy”. But I guess it’s a matter of taste.

Anyway, after considering all the above it’s time to choose.

If you go DNA or if you go RWW it’s up to you.

One thing is certain. You’ll have to go fat spoke if you want your ride to stand out or if you just want to spice up a bit that old school look you are going for.

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3 Responses to Fat spoke wheels. The new Retro.

  1. who can partner with me to exploit my spoke new spoke wheel financially? Write me at walyaula {at} gmail [dot] com

  2. Serge says:

    bonjour je suis à la recherche de roues fat spoke pour mon dyna 1340 je voudrais du 3×16 pour l’avant et du 3,5×16 pour l’arrière en finition noire total (cerclage,moyeu,rayon) merci

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