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Take a look at these

Look familiar don’t they?

I guess everybody has a bit of a deja vu when looking at some of these photos that, in a way or another, have been popping up all over the web on most of the custom culture blogs or websites, right? Hell, I believe I even got them on mychopper.ro, I’m sorry man but I couldn’t help it :) .

That’s why I would say that it is only fair for you guys to know who’s responsible for screwing up you retina.


that’s the man to blame! born about 4o years ago Dirk, an internationally acclaimed Designer, Filmmaker and Photographer, set up his headquarters in Cologne, Germany, but his skills and artistic eye, or should I say “Pixeleye”, travel with him wherever he may roam. Since 1999, he creates individual high-class solutions for international clients in his design-studios „Pixeleye Interactive“.

A man of few words, Dirk “Pixeleye” Behlau, always involved in projects in need for his personal touch, still managed to squeeze  in a few words for mychopper.ro:


oh, and most important, gave us the permission to mess with his work, well, I guess just to publish it not to fuck it up using our own talent and never before seen skills!

I believe this about sums it up.



more films on Dirk’s Vimeo or Youtube channels.

I f you wanna see more of his photography and artwork you should also check up his websites over @




and if you wanna show your appreciation for his work and get updates on his latest, you should go on and like his Facebook page

but tread softly

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