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As you might know, the guys at Custom Chrome got so big that they organize, not one custom championship but an entire series, called how else then Custom Chrome Championship Series.

Having not entry fee, each championship in this series offers a great opportunity for every builder, professional or not, to have their work exposed and appreciated in the main four championship classes as explained on the Custom Chrome website:

Championship Class

Powered by BDL

The Championship Class is the premier class at all Custom Chrome International Bike Show Series events. This class features one off custom bikes, with no strings or rules of design attached. There are no limitations or structure of the entries in this class. The Championship Class is a showcase for true fusion design where the motorcycle builders are free to explore and push the boundaries of what makes a custom motorcycle. The bike must be entered by the builder.

Jammer Old School Class

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The Jammer Old School Class is for bikes that represent the retro and old school lifestyle. The Jammer Old School Class is focused on bikes built with retro styling and motors. Any frame or drivetrain may be used that keeps the Old School theme to the bike. Motors should be of vintage or retro style platform. Any fabrication is acceptable to the motor, frame, sheet metal or components. Use of aftermarket or custom parts is acceptable in the Original Old School Class. The bike must be entered by the builder.

RevTech Powered Class

The RevTech Performance Class is for bikes built around any platform of RevTech motor. Any modification can be made to frame, motor, sheet metal or components in the RevTech Performance Class. Use of aftermarket or custom parts is acceptable. The bike must be entered by the builder.

Modified Harley Class

Powered by Baker Drivetrain

In the Modified Harley class the frame and motor must be original equipment from Harley-Davidson. This includes all Screamin’ Eagle and special equipped bikes from the factory or any year or model. Any modification may be made to the frame, motor or sheet metal. The engine cases must remain original equipment, however any modification to the cylinders and heads may be made. Use of aftermarket or custom parts is acceptable. The bike must be entered by the builder.

Along with these you may find some Special or public choice awards.

Every bike that enters the competition gets a review from the other competitors and a panel of invited VIP guests. the championship winner and the specific class winners are selected based on these reviews.

The first one this year, The North American Championship, took place on the 19th and 20th of March. And the winners were…



1st place | Cole Foster (Bike Blue Bobber)

2nd Place: Friso Ron (Bike Freaking-A-Rican)

3rd Place: Boars Nest (Bike The Snake)



1st Place: Yolo County Choppers (Bike Panic)

2nd Place: LA Speedshop (Lady Luck)

3rd Place: Kirk Taylor (Sacred)



1st Place: LA Speedshop (Bike Mc Phiz)

2nd Place: Zach Ness (Bike Ness Bagger)

3rd Place: Satya Krauss (Bike Nicks Dyna)



1st Place: Kirk Taylor (Bike The Dirty Boot)

2nd Place: Satya Krauss (Bike Snatch)

3rd Place: Custom Factory BB (Bike Phoenix)


…this was the North American Round

After a few days went by there was the European Championship and its winner bikes…


1st place – Prometheus by Motorvisionen

2nd place - Billy Bob by Christoph Madaus

3rd place - 5 Years by Custom Wolf



1st place - Union by Abnormal Cycles

2nd place - Springer Revival by School Bar Atelier

3rd place - Triumph TMT by TMT Moto



1st place (again) - Union by Abnormal Cycles

2nd place - Speedfreak by Thunderbike

3rd place – XLST 3 by Shaw Harley-Davidson



1st place – Son of a Gun by Lamb Engineering, LTD.

2nd place – Stargate by Garage 65

3′rd place – Pura Vision 2011 by Wildstyle

This about covers this year’s first two events by Custom Chrome International; and after taking a look a the winners, and if we were to compare the bikes that won the European round to those from North America I would, with no doubt in my mind, say that the american builders seem to lack imagination, inspiration or maybe it’s the culture differences…however I can see no major improvement on their designs and their projects seem more like a bike in a box with a few twists. Or maybe it’s just me. (feel free to comment)

ooook…so get your bikes crated and shipped because there are two more Custom Chrome Rounds coming up this year, and as I said, no entry fee charged so take your chance at the Sturgis Roadshow Championship between the 15th and 17th of April or at the Faaker Sea Championship on the 10th of September 2011.

…will get back with the winners of the last two contests….just to get an overall idea on how the custom bike building world has evolved this year or if it did at all …


(with thanks to Cyril Huze from www.cyrilhuzeblog.com and www.motorcycle-usa.com)

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