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Category Archives: Custom Culture

♠ XS 650 bored to 750cc ♠ garage build by Kenny aka “the barber” and the Unapproachables - theunapproachables.blogspot.com ♠ shot by Limpe Iven - limpeiven.blogspot.ro

source: chabottengineering.com

owned by Ron Andre Simonsen from Norway, ironhead bobber built by the shore of the Norvegian Sea @ Medival Customs - http://s195.photobucket.com/user/nord1976/library/

source: fucktwowheels.tumblr.com


Roland Sands and Rodney Aguiar playing in the dirt with two hd softail bobbers source: hotbikeweb.com  

source: beeskneesbobber.blogspot.ro

gothic sissy bar found on hermit-interplanetaryrecluse.blogspot.com

shovel fish tail pipes found on  choppervirus.tumblr.com

source: beeskneesbobber.tumblr.com

source: hangaround.tumblr.com