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sent by Luciano Caravaggio from Guilmi, Italy

Right to the point. We asked Mike to tell us a few things about him and his beloved theme bike, so what better way to do it than to let the man speak his mind: This is my 2005 Custom Theme Bike “Peep Show” story I have been riding motorcycle for a very long time, … Continue reading

Today’s interview takes us to Sweden   [wp_geo_map]   Over here we’re gonna visit the the guys over @ SE Service, a 100% custom shop, as the title and their slogan says … beyond bolt on I believe we’ve all seen those “custom shops” that really just don’t do anything else but bolt on some … Continue reading

Take a look at these Look familiar don’t they? I guess everybody has a bit of a deja vu when looking at some of these photos that, in a way or another, have been popping up all over the web on most of the custom culture blogs or websites, right? Hell, I believe I even … Continue reading

I found this article on a blog called Applied Machete written by Irish Rich of Irish Custom Cycles. Because it’s well written and documented and because I am a lazyass I managed to get the permission to copy/paste Richard’s article. To give you a few pointers. It’s about the funerals of a prominent member of … Continue reading

Don’t know if I mentioned before, in some other posts, my home, Suceava county, the only part of the historical region of Bukovina, left within the romanian borders. The biggest city in Bucovina is Suceava, my home town. So if you’re ever in Romania and you have the chance to visit this part of the … Continue reading

I just found, this shovel over here, and thought you might enjoy it. it’s a nicen’ slick bobber with a hint of a racer. I said just a hint! Don’t wanna keep you busy reading too much so I’ll just get on telling you a few specs then let you taste the pics. The chop is … Continue reading

This is the story of Jeremy Cupp, the man who wouldn’t forget the way things were done in the past, addicted to the satisfaction brought by working with your own two hands and who’s philosophy of life, kept things rolling from the back of a machine shop in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia to … Continue reading

Since last time we were in Taiwan visiting Mark Huang and his Crazy Arc, I decided to stay a little bit longer, cause I remembered a photo posted back in may this year in the photo of the day category. this one … I remember I loved the simple lines and the beefy fat bastard … Continue reading

Where? TAIWAN   Why? Well, to take a look @ a bike a Yamaha SR 400 again, why? you ask … what’s so special about this plain SR400? nuthin much, except this one is the donor bike… for What? for the Crazy Arc project   How? … from imagination – to paper – and then … Continue reading

… in not so many words, if we’re talkin’ about custom bikes we most definitely should talk about cafe racers too. so, you could take for example a stock Honda CB 550 …   … and turn it into a whole lot of custom works …     a chopper…            … Continue reading

This post is the story of a dream. My friend Alexander Yeoh’s dream to own a chopper. So, today we take a trip to Malaysia as Alexander tells us all about the ups and downs of his project.   “ The Bad Wolf by Blaidd Drwg Customs   Bike Specifications Base Bike: Modenas Jaguh aka Kawasaki … Continue reading