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Today we won’t ride too far to get our supposedly daily, chopperlink.

Just for about 436 km/270 miles.

From Bucharest to Oradea, BH, Romania.

We’re here to meet Marius Ioan Blaj.

(aka Mas Oyama)

His story starts off something like this:

Not long after his college graduation Marius fell sick with an unrecoverable and very serious illness called acutus morbus bobberus. And that’s only because of staring too much at his first bobber picture. (look out kids!)

You know the symptoms, don’t you?

From that moment on he assumed the neverending quest of finding a cure for his afliction.


with no motorcycle mechanical background what so ever…

self taught (www.google.com and www.youtube.com)…

rudimentary tools…

backyard, garage or house for a shop…

and a very low budget…

but with a thick headed ambition to transform his dream into reality, bought his first sacrificial bike, 6 years ago.

A Dnepr MT 11 ( a very well known type of bike among romanian low and very low budget builds)

(this is not the original pic but one of a stock ’87 MT11)

For romanian motorcycling enthusiasts this might be an old story but nevertheless a, what seems to be, a neverending one, because this formerly russian motorcycle went thru hell and back in this Oradea backyard since it’s aquisition about six years ago.

After about a years worth of time spent twisting and turning the bike looked somewhat like this

some more shy wrench twists…

and then,

after endless hours on google and youtube,

with the trusted support of his devoted assistent mechanic…

(well deserved brake time)

all hell broke loose!

and then, after some more googling…

after learning how to read and write in chopperese…

the home made springer fork came to life…

home modified and painted MZ gas tank…

We’d say great work man, but for Marius wasn’t enough!

his bobber project now has a Dnepr M72 gas tank,

home bulit springer front end,

home built Z bar handlebars,

home made beech hand grips with brass rings,

front wheel: 18 inch rim on a MT11 hub with a 120 tyre, covered by a M72 fender,

rear wheel: 17″ rim chopped from a 19″ MT11 rim with the MT11 hub dressed in a 130 tyre and covered by a IZS fender,

stock frame,

front brake -- disk, caliper and pump from a IZS Junker,

rear brake -- romanian Dacia 1310 disk, Yamaha XJ650 caliper and Suzuki pump,

IZS front seat dressed in leather by Mas,

passenger seat -- aluminium sheet base, filled with silicone and also leather dressed,

several and several engine modifications with, what at first was a Keihin carb from a Yamaha CB500, now a K68 Pekar carb,

electric starter,

completly rebuilt wire harness,

converted Daewoo Matiz alternator,

ARO IMS tail light…

…and the list could go on and on and on…

What turned out to be (for the moment) you will see in the pictures posted below, not necesarely in chronological order of  the plastic surgery interventions…

Now after reading and seeing all this, I believe that we can all agree that the only thing needed is true passion and that the lack of finance, of a proper shop or the perfect tools are merely sad excuses.

But you have to be very carefull because this, can be extremely addictive and there’s no turning back!

(not that you would want to)

About Marius, he says that he’s done with chopping up The Gypsy

(do you believe him?)

and that he will start work on the next project that will begin with an already aquired ’67 Ural M63 engine and gearbox…

At the end let’s just say Great job, man! and we’re looking forward to your next finished project and pleeease don’t make us wait another six years!

P.S. Mas Oyama will feature in our fabricanti.RO (fabricators.RO) section, where he will put his 6 years choppin’ experience to work for anyone that wants something done from the list of hand made parts that he will provide.















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