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I just found, this shovel over here, and thought you might enjoy it.

it’s a nicen’ slick bobber with a hint of a racer. I said just a hint!

Don’t wanna keep you busy reading too much so I’ll just get on telling you a few specs then let you taste the pics.

The chop is owned by Jeff Wright, the owner of Church of Choppers over in Des Moines Iowa, I guess you might’ve seen his blog, owner of two bars in des Moines Kung Fu Tap and Taco and the GT bar and one of the three guy behind FTWCO.

The frame has the stock size but with a hint of some high performance chassis components. JMC aluminium swingarm with Ohlins shocks. The front end is Ti-Nitrate–coated wide glide tubes with high-performance internals custom-built by Hickman Racing in Des Moines.

Anodized SUN rims.

Tokico two-piston calipers in the back and one Tokico four-piston on the front

Mooneyes oil tank and a tail section fabricated by Jeff.

Motor is a twin-magneto-fired monster of about 100″ (1600cc), kickstarter, cams made by some racer in Iowa and with a set of special-order-only 4 13/16 S&S flywheels.

Baker transmission

Oh, and short fuckin loud pipes!

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