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Monthly Archives: septembrie 2013

a shovel by Mark Huang from Taiwan, builder of the Crazy Arc

plymouth roadrunner found on chromencurves.tumblr.com

beards found on hotrodsparrow.tumblr.com

nice shovel springer found on oil-spill.tumblr.com

mean chevy pickup found on speedemon666.tumblr.com

dream custom shop found on fucktwowheels.tumblr.com

zero engineering type 5 from loveharleys58.tumblr.com  

a chevy pickup truck found on Instagram by fivehype

this should do it source: prvtplc.tumblr.com

seen at Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 by inuchopper.blogspot.com

source: blinddragonmetalart.tumblr.com

source: kansascitykeen.tumblr.com