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Monthly Archives: iulie 2013

source: hotrodsparrow.tumblr.com

source: fucktwowheels.tumblr.com

named Satan’s Rat Rod this one is a radical rat with a 31 ford body and an engine out of a 52 Diamond Reo truck!

1974 Shovelhead salt racer built by Todd Apple under the brand Bent Brothers Custom Motorcycles, owner of Pro Power Performance Motorcyle Shop, Biose, Idaho - wwpppdo.com facebook id: www.facebook.com/pages/Pro-Power-Performance-Motorcycle-Shop/333200983358443

1975 Harley Davidson Shovel Head shot by Frank Bott - motorcyclephotographybyfrankbott.blogspot.com

source douke.tumblr.com

source Atomic Hot Links on www.flickr.com/photos/7552532@N07/

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